Kitchen Fitting

The kitchen design incorporates the latest technology in a free-standing island and high-end appliances such as a wine refrigerator as standard fixtures. The equipment details vary depending on the model.  (Foto Showroom Old-Wood Kitchen ©Adrian)

  • fully-equipped, custom-built kitchen with brushed old wood cabinet fronts
  • granite countertops, built-in appliances from name-brand manufacturers
  • ceramic hob with a stainless-steel frame, optional induction hob
  • fully equipped with dishes, cookware, cutlery and glasses
  • side-by-side refrigerator-freezer with ice dispenser
  • combination steamer/convection oven
  • Softmatic fully-extendable drawers
  • built-in stainless steel sink
  • retractable extractor vent
  • instant hot water faucet
  • built-in coffee-maker
  • built-in dishwasher
  • silverware drawer
  • wine refrigerator
  • cup warmer

Across the way is the ensemble of the kitchen stove surrounded by hand-made masonry, cast-iron front, and wood-fired oven for baking bread and pizza. Enjoy cooking using the cast-iron pan or the special wok. (Category Premium Chalet or higher)

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