Investing in a dream property with a service package and a guaranteed income

As part of the tourist orientation of the overall concept, we present you with our offer both as an investor and an operator of a lucrative investment, which is quite an exceptional position to claim in the real estate market, both in terms of value retention and, in particular, value development.

YOU acquire the sole ownership, WE manage your investment:

Naturally, as the proprietor, you are entitled to use your chalet in a reasonable time frame for your summer and winter vacations.

  1. a) Leisure Investment:

Guaranteed income for the first 5 years after purchase and guaranteed savings in running costs for 3 or 4 weeks of self-occupancy.

  1. b) Professional Investment:

The model for real estate investors with guaranteed net income without running costs and only later, the option of self-occupancy.

Following the expiry of the contractual commitment period, you decide as to the possibility of procuring further support for your investments with us or you opt for an alternative use.

In this context, our Seniors’ Concept could constitute an interesting alternative for your well-deserved retirement. You will be more than happy to provide you with more information on the subject during a personal interview.