Natural Materials and Traditional Crafts

The site covers about 1 hectare on a south-east-facing hillside. A barn about a hundred years old on a higher plateau on the site as already been lovingly restored and now serves as our Chalet Village site information office.

Our offices on the plateau of Eggerfeld Chalet Village features a glass pavilion where a 1:10-scale model of the Hotel Chalet is displayed.

Almhüttenbüro mit Modell im pavillon

Alpine cottage office with pavilion (left)

We will be glad to schedule a personal appointment so that we can show you the inspiring local craftsmanship with which the entire project will be implemented, down to the smallest detail. Traditional masonry, carpentry, and joinery work is sure to pique your interest.

We have set ourselves the goal of reclaiming vintage construction materials from within the region. To this end, we are carefully tearing down old farmhouses and barns to obtain and recycle natural materials that have been aged through decades of use.

Ausschnitt Seitenansicht

Our alpine cottage office, a 100-year-old barn

Thus the sun-bleached siding and ancient larch floorboards washed and brushed by farmers’ wives for decades and wood-nailed larch shingles are all finding a new lease on life here in our chalet village. The old wisdom of timing woodcutting to early winter has proved true, as the saying goes: “Cut your timber by Christmas and your house will last ten times longer.”

For the walls and floors of our chalets, we will use exclusively natural stone materials, with each piece hand-picked for its structural features. You can opt for brushed, diamond-sawn or split granite or exclusive Austrian marbles, such as when designing your bathroom, for example.