Design Concept

Chaletdorf EggerfeldOn the edge of Innerfragant, in close proximity to the year-round Mölltaler Glacier ski area, you will find our small chalet village, built on a heavenly beautiful south-east-facing hillside 1,100m above sea level.

The first construction phase of the hotel village will consist of 11 chalets with luxury furnishings. The design concept seeks to preserve the originality of traditional architecture going back centuries while also offering the practical amenities of cutting-edge technology hiding “undercover” so to speak.

A successful combination of old-growth wood and other natural materials with modern technologies guarantees the authentic Alpine character of this village.

The chalets in this village complex have exteriors lovingly designed to coordinate with each other, with an emphasis on the asymmetric, architectural designs that will further evolve as construction progresses and be completed as part of a creative growth process. Characteristic style elements of yesteryear will be revived and incorporated.

Each chalet comes with a small private spa with a Finnish sauna and a heated outdoor Jacuzzi. Some chalets are directly adjacent to the Wurtenbach, the glacial stream that runs to the east of the complex.

The chalets have been arranged on the hillside with balanced precision, while elaborate and costly natural stone finishes are used to create comfortable south-east-facing terraces, giving each chalet complete privacy and unobstructed panoramic views of the mountains.

Der ZimmerschlüsselIn the future, the Eggerfeld Chalet Village will be operated by Hotel-Konzept GmbH and managed by Gerti Gruber. This experienced tourism industry specialist with an MBA degree in Tourism Management has decades of experience in the hospitality sector and she will implement the design concept together with investor Guido Fetzer, MBA, thus, putting responsibility for construction and management of the complex in the same hands.

During the second construction phase, the Alm-Gasthof will be built alongside “Großfraganter Creek”. The design will be strictly modelled after that of the Eggerfeld Chalet Village and the accommodation offered will be complemented by culinary regional highlights.